Here's my second blog post of the year.  :)  I probably should have a lot to say, preferably something profound, but all I have is a little news.  I have seven previously unpublished stories set to come out this year.  My story, See How Clever We Are, will be in Dreams of Steam Five from Dark Oak.  My story, Roxy Soxy, will be in Tales of the Intergalactic Bartenders' Guild from Dark Oak.  My story, The Beauty of Being, will be in The Tomato Anthology from Amoeba Ink/Ink Monkey.  (The hero is, in fact, a tomato.  ;) )  My story, The Pauper's Reaper, will be Potter's Field Five from Alban Lake, of which I am an editor.  My Story, Inertia, will be in Capes and Clockwork II from Dark Oak.  My collection, The Stone Maiden and Other Tales, will be republished by Dark Oak, and it will contain three stories new to it, two of which are previously unpublished.  The new stories will be; The Fortunate Few, previously unpublished; A Fifty-Five Gallon Drum, previously unpublished; and Bilgames the Unwise, previously published only here at Krogfiction, which barely counts.  :)

All three of my published works from last year are finalists for the Darrell Award this year in the short story category.  They are: Eat Your Peas in Luna's Children: Full Moon Mayhem; The Serpent and the Dagger in A Tall Ship, a Star, and Plunder; and Thursday Morrow in Capes and Clockwork.

I am honored and humbled to be picked and very grateful to the jury.  I, of course, am rooting for the story Stolen Thunder by H. David Blalock

 I'm editing again, as noted above.  Anyone wishing to submit a story to Potter's Field Five can find the guidelines at

This year's published output will be more than double that of any previous year.  I have a lot of other works in progress, too. I really am getting closer to finishing some longer ones.  I'm not just teasing those of you who'd like a novel.  I'm also working on a screenplay (a very tentative prospect at present), an online comic (also very tentative but looking very promising,) and a pair of short novels or novellas to be published in one volume.

Have a good windy month folks.  Thanks for stopping by.  God Bless.

  Robert J. Krog