Ana and I went to Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention this past weekend at the Memphis Hilton, and we had a blast. The company we kept was great.  The fellow vendors and guests were great.  The attendees were great.  The costumes were great.  The panels were also great.  It was great.  I wax ineloquent, but it is 9:30ish, and I worked a full day, previous to this posting.  

I was scheduled for three panels this time.  I got myself added to a fourth and was drafted for a fifth at the last moment by virtue of sitting in the audience.  Good times.  I'd like to thank the illustrious D. Alan Lewis, the formidable Sean Taylor, and the keen Herika R. Raymer for making me look intelligent.  I'd like to thank some other folks as well, but my memory is fragile at this point in the day, and your names escape me, as I only just met most of you.  If you were unfortunate enough to share a panel table with me over the weekend, you know who you are, and have my thanks.  In reflecting some of your glow, I seemed bright, myself.

If you stopped by my table and bought a book, or even just stood and talked for a bit, I'm grateful.  You were all wonderful to meet, and I enjoyed our conversations, even if I looked glassy eyed or yawned.  That wasn't your influence but lack of sleep the night before.  If you did get a book from me, I'd love to hear from you what you think of it, good or bad.  I'd love good a lot more, but I'll tolerate bad, and pay attention to any constructive criticism you care to offer. I reserve the right to follow or ignore your advice as I see fit, but I really do appreciate your time and effort..  Having readers means a lot to me, and I respect your opinions. 

I've had a good six months or so, writing-wise.  I've written 66 pages of a screenplay and met three deadlines for story calls, the submissions to which have all been accepted.  My first work, The Stone Maiden and Other Tales, is in the process of being republished by Dark Oak Press and going lots of places I won't be able to go and getting sold without my having to trip passers by and shove copies at them.  I will also be assistant editor next year on Potter's Field, a publication of Alban Lake Publishing.  Next year looks good for books getting published with my unworthy name on them, and the stories that I am putting before a wary public are good ones, in spite of me.

I've also just ambitiously updated my website.  Aside from this dazzling, new, blog post, you should check out my List of Works/Links to Buy page and my Buy Signed Copies page.  They're primitive, but effective.  I accept paypal now, so if you email me with what you'd like signed and then send me money, I'll send you a signed book.  How sweet is that?

I'll tell you how sweet it is.  It's very sweet.  

Thanks for your time.

Robert J. Krog