Midsouth Con was great.  I met quite a few other authors and some editors and publishers as well.  It was very instructive.  I sold and signed fourteen books in all.  It's a paltry amount in the grand scheme of things, yet it is a beginning.  At the current pace of sales, I should be on the best sellers' list in about two thousand years.  I don't  much care.  I'm thrilled that fourteen people might be reading my stories now.  I'd like to be a fan of some of the authors I met at the con.  I would like to have bought about a dozen books while I was there, but I only had the funds to purchase a gift for Ana and a book for myself.  I bought a first novel from the author in the booth beside me, Nick Valentino.  His first novel is titled Thomas Riley. It's in the genre of Steam Punk, with which I was largely unfamiliar.  I've been reading it, and it's entertaining for sure.  I'll write a review later. 

I'll likely be at Midsouthcon again next year. 

More later,