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Review of The Exodus Gate by Stephen Zimmer

Posted by Robert J. on Monday, May 7, 2012,
The Exodus Gate
Stephen Zimmer
Copyright 2009 by Stephen Zimmer
First Printing 2009 by Seventh Star Press
Urban Fantasy
Cover Art by Matthew Perry

The Exodus Gate is the first in a trilogy titled The Rising Dawn Saga.  It is epic, urban fantasy.  It is an ambitious novel with a large cast of characters and multiple plot lines that slowly, elegantly are woven together as the story unfolds.  The plot is thick.  The characters are believable and sympathetic.  The language is sometimes heavy, eve...
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Review of High Kings, by H. David Blalock

Posted by Robert J. on Monday, May 7, 2012,
High Kings
H. David Blalock
Copyright 2011 by H. David Blalock
First Printing, May 2011
Sam's Dot Publishing.
Speculative Fiction/sci fi
Cover Art by Mitchell Davidson Bentely
Cover Design by Atomic Fly Studios

High Kings is a novella, a good, short, well-written read about a the "conundrums" which "abound in time travel."
It's entertaining and sophisticated with well-rounded characters and a plot not too complex but which can confuse those who don't pay attention.   
Dr. Marlene Sartor...
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