Review: Ascendant by H. David Blalock

Posted by Robert J. on Monday, February 28, 2011
    Title: Ascendant
    Author: H. David Blalock
    Publisher: Sam's Dot Publishing
    ISBN 9780981969602  470 pages

Ascendant is an epic fantasy novel written by H. David Blalock in his best, inimitable style.  In the fictional setting of Atlantis, a cast of memorable and sympathetic characters led by the protagonist, Andalarn Thran, vie for position, favor, power, and even the right to exist at all on the Island of Adylonis.  Full of suspense, epic sweep, political intrigue, romance, adventure, and intellectual/emotional depth, Blalock's novel fills the reader with the sense not just that Adylonis is real, but that it is a place the reader is visiting.  Blalock's characters come to be people that the reader knows, in whose trials and triumphs and folly he shares.  The reader is young and old with the characters, wise and foolish, impetuous and cautious, passionate and calculating, good and evil.  I came into this book expecting good things and put it down satisfied but hungry for more about Adylonis and House Thran.  I look forward to reading the novels that follow it. 

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