High Kings
H. David Blalock
Copyright 2011 by H. David Blalock
First Printing, May 2011
Sam's Dot Publishing.
Speculative Fiction/sci fi
Cover Art by Mitchell Davidson Bentely
Cover Design by Atomic Fly Studios

High Kings is a novella, a good, short, well-written read about a the "conundrums" which "abound in time travel."
It's entertaining and sophisticated with well-rounded characters and a plot not too complex but which can confuse those who don't pay attention.   
Dr. Marlene Sartori works as a project director for the Institute for Historical Studies in year 2531.  She leads teams that innocuously plunder the past for people and artifacts who have disappeared from the historical record anyway; King Arthur, for instance.  When a prominent senator suggests that the Time Neutral Field which protects the institute form paradox and allows them to judge whether or not their incursions into the past have changed history does not work, Dr. Sartori ambitiously proposes a project that will secure the Institute's future.
High Kings explores ethical questions of scientific research.  Do we have the right to take an action just because we have developed the technology to carry it out?  And can we know all the repercussions of our actions?  It explores questions of religious faith with respect and aplomb but doesn't shy away from exploring questions which some might judge to be off limits.  The novella respects religion and the intelligence of the reader both and provides and intriguing and entertaining story in the process. 
I highly recommend High Kings in particular and author, H. David Blalock in general.