Sygillis of Metatron
Ren Garcia 
Copyrigth 2009 by Ren Garcia
Loconeal Publishing 2011
Cover art and illustrations by Carol Phillips, Eve Ventrue, and Bea Matarredona-Garcia

I saw this book at Mr. Garcia's table at Fandomfest Louisville in 2011 and wanted to get it then.  I didn't have the cash to get all the books I wanted.  I never do.  I finally bought it from him at the same event in 2012.  One of the reasons I wanted it was that later in the series one encounters the best title ever, The Temple of the Exploding Head.  I would like to read the rest of the series and get to that part.

Sygillis of Metatron is the first in the League of Elder Series by Ren Garcia.  It's a fun novel, written with a distinct, informative, yet action driven style.  Garcia has a pleasant knack for interrupting the action to give the best info dumps I've ever read.  These interruptions, these info-dumps, flow so smoothly and are told so naturally that not only do I not mind them, I actually find them a asset to the story.  

      Synopsis:  In a far distant future, man has conquered the star but retained a certain aristocratic flair and swashbuckling style.  Man has also, through contact with a great beings called the Elders,. mastered certain psychic gifts and obtained, in some cased, extra long life.  But all is not peaceful and ideal.  Some of mankind, led astray by renegade elders, have broken from the rest of humanity and attempts to conquer them.  Captain Davage, our hero, after an unexpected event, attempts to conquer the foes of the league and bridge the gap between divided humanity.  He's a wonderfully dashing hero and romantic lead.  
    There are a few proof-reading errors in the text, but they don't break one out of the story and hopefully, later editions will be fixed.  Garcia writes very likable characters and tells a complex story with apparent ease.  The flow is smooth and fast, the story compelling, the action a lot of fun.  The cover art and interior art is gorgeous. 
 Here is the link to Mr. Garcia's website