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Potter's Field 5 a new anthology from Alban Lake, edited by yours truly and the amazing Herika R. Raymer, is out now!

Idolaters of Cthulhu, a new anthology from Alban Lake is out now!

The story, The Ones Who Remember, appears in it.  It's available for sale at the link below.

Here is the link to the book trailer for Idolaters of Cthulhu

Robert J. Krog will be a guest author at Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, Nov. 20-22

The Short Story, Eat Your Peas, won the Darrell Award for Best Midsouth Short story this year.

Robert J. Krog is a native of Memphis, TN, where he still resides with his family.  Mr. Krog is a devout Catholic.   He has been an assistant arborist to his father, who was a professional arborist.  He has also been a grocery store clerk, a waiter for one week, an order out delivery guy for one week, a legal runner, a substitute teacher, and a high school History teacher, all in Memphis, TN.  He has several degrees, mostly in History, but is putting none of them to good use, though he loves History and can still translate Middle Egyptian, if he works at it (and maybe Hieratic, if he really works at it).  Currently, he is a supervisor for a yard spray company and writes as much as obligations to a full-time job, the church, and family life allow.  His published works include The Stone Maiden and Other Tales, numerous short stories published by various small presses and several on this website, and the novella, A Bag Full of Eyes, available from Alban Lake Publishing.  His most recently published work is the short story,  The Pauper's Reaper, in the anthology, Potter's Field 5, available now from Alban Lake Publishing.  He continues to write and is working on finishing several novels.  

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