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Heart of Stone

By Melinda LaFever



            Heart of stone, heart of stone

            Once I had a heart of stone.

            No one could touch, no one could move me,

            I had a heart of stone.

Verse 1:

            Once I was more than just a statue.

            I laughed, I loved, and truly lived, 

            But feelings come with such great danger,

            Pain and hurt and fears they give.

            The gift of tears that comes with feelings

            Was a thing I would not keep.

            So my heart began to harden

            All because I would not weep.


Verse 2:

            But when I built a wall ‘gainst sorrow,

            Keeping tears and pain at bay,

            All the joy I felt at living

            Slowly began to fade away.

            For when your heart becomes a statue,

            Callused, hardened, like a stone,

            Where all pain has been evicted

            Joy and Love may find no home.


Verse 3:

            But then you touched my self-made island,

            Full of unfelt pain, despair,

            Shattered all my guarded armour,

            Laid my heart open and bare

            Brought me smiles and brought me laughter

            All the joy I thought I’d lost

            Brought back tears, and now the question –

            Will I choose to pay the cost?




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