If you'd like to get a copy of any book I've written or any anthology in which I have had a story published, just go to my List of Works page and click on the link associated with the listed work.  You'll be taken directly to the publisher website or amazon.  

If you'd like to order a signed copy of any of the titles on the List of Works page, just send an email to  Title it "purchasing signed copy(ies)" and tell me which book(s), or items,  you'd like signed, the name to which I should make the signing note, and the address to which the item should be shipped.  

I may or  may not have the particular title on hand, but I'll email you back and let you know if I do or not, how long it will take me to lay my hands on it, and what it will cost with shipping.  I don't charge for my signature, of course, just for the book and shipping.  I accept payment via paypal at the same email address,  I'll send the book or item when the payment has been made.  

I currently have on hand, copies of: 

The Stone Maiden and Other Tales, for $12; 

A Bag Full of Eyes , for $6.95; 

Ten Reasons to Cross the Moat (with my story, The Bone Garden), for $10; 

parABnormal Digest (with my story, Babies' Breath), for $9; 

and Shelter of Daylight (with my story, In the Park After Dark), for $11. 

 I also have handmade replicas of The Hand of Darden, which are $30.  I don't actually sign the hand...

Other items I can get my hands on in a few days or a week, generally.  It can take a little time, but hey, if you want it signed...

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